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Kailua Kona



The Kilkennys feed the neighborhood

Danny Bolton

What better way to spend your birthday than fishing and pulling in a 200+ pound blue marlin. Well, what better way to spend your day, birthday or not. As Stephen says, " I'm pretty sure I could do this everyday." Happy Birthday, Ryan Kilkenny!

10th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival

Zulay Bolton

The annual event in Kona where local surfers come together to hang out and talk story. The films are a bonus.
This year, Chad brought the festival back to Kamakahonu Bay in the heart of Kailua Kona.

Photos | Genesis Marks

Website Relaunch

Zulay Bolton

A new website is in the works. Our shop will still be open while we redesign and switch our website over to a new hosting account. Please be patient as there may be some glitches during this transition.