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Kailua Kona



Ika Shibi ( Squid-Tuna )

Danny Bolton

A typical night of Ika Shibi fishing includes palu (chum), caffeine, ika (squid), tuna, dolphins, sharks and lack of sleep. You get in a routine where time goes by pretty fast - check the bait, chop up palu, chum the water and catch ika and it's not until around 3:00 am when your body starts to crave sleep. Brad, Matt and Russell all squeezed in a few power naps here and there and at around 4:30 am we heard what we all had been waiting for. SNAP!!! The cotton string we had the hand lines tied to the boat snapped as a fish started to take off. As quick as my brain registered what was going on I yelled, "Hook up!" Russell had already woken up from his nap, launched over a still sleeping Matt and started to pull in the fish. Russell hand lined the fish up to the boat and got a faint look at it in the dark before it took off again. It wasn't tuna. Thinking it might be a Broadbill, everyone was on their toes. Matt, having caught a Broadbill in the past, asked,"Can you feel bumping? Is it bumping?" It was. img_2468

Once the fish got close, Matt took the leader, Russell gaffed the fish and grabbed its sharp bill to bring it into the boat.


After a brief celebration, we went back to work and put the lines back in the water.




Expecting to go out and catch Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) or Tombo (Bigeye Tuna), the Broadbill was a pleasant surprise.