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Kailua Kona



Lobster : Ono : Mahi-Mahi

Danny Bolton

Over the weekend we took a little trip down south to do some night diving and fishing. We started diving right outside an ancient Hawaiian fishing village. It started off kind of slow with a few little slipper lobsters. It wasn't until we found a cave that we started to see more spiny lobsters. It's no surprise that Hawaiians built their village right next to this bountiful sea. After getting enough food for ourselves, we cruised back to the boat and went to sleep. At first light, we were up and fishing and by sunrise we had our first Ono in the fish box. By 10 o'clock, we had five Onos and two Mahi-Mahis so we made our way back to the harbor. We drove home, cleaned the fish and boiled the lobster along with a friend's Kona crabs and enjoyed a family dinner.