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Kailua Kona



Imu Pit

Danny Bolton

Whether you're camping at the beach or just driving by a backyard BBQ, there is nothing quite like the smell of kiawe wood burning. Every time I catch a whiff of this wood, it brings numerous memories surging through my mind — memories of camping, cooking over a fire, the warmth kiawe brings after a swim in the ocean and stories told by friends and family while sitting around a fire. It's funny how certain scents trigger emotions of pure enjoyment or a big thing I like to call life. The Hawaiians have been using the imu pit to cook for hundreds of years and a delicious meal isn't the greatest pleasure the pit delivers. This tradition is about camaraderie, laughing and gathering for a special event. The memories made are unbeatable. And of course, the eating is 'ono kine grindz.