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Kailua Kona



Ryan Seifried : Indo : Trip 4

Danny Bolton

UTF represents down in Indonesia! Just another awesome trip. It started off small and the swell charts were looking average. The first two days were spent surfing a crowded right hander that picks up swell when its small. Morale was down so I rolled the dice on a wave down a way and when we showed up, it glassed off and started pumping. So did our morale. From there, we could do no wrong. Scoring at every spot we rocked up to. Waves. Fish. You name it.

The highlight ... four boats and 30 guys out at Macaronis surfing 4 ft blowout. Feeling lucky, I called my guys in, pulled the pick and headed to Green Bush (the pumping left barrel in the picture). Not a soul around and firing 3 to 5 ft tubes all day long! The guests talked about it all the way to the airport!

You know the old saying, "You got to pay to play?" Surfing hollow tubes over shallow reef comes with a price. I had to stitch up two of my punters this trip. They both lived.