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Kailua Kona



Kona : Blue Water Hunting

Danny Bolton

Our friend, Ryan Kilkenny, recently went deep sea spear fishing and scored it. Read below for the full story from Ryan himself. Photos by Austin Hicks.

Well, the day started out cruisin' to the bouys and half way there we hooked a 120lb blue marlin, which we tagged and released. We were pretty stoked about that. When we got to the bouy we were kind of bummed 'cause there were no marks on the fish finder and no boats in sight (which is not a good sign for fish). But we jumped in anyway and tossed a little palu in. The usual hogis showed up and started grinding the palu. Then, out of nowhere, six mahis and tw onos showed up so I dipped down and got the shot on the bigger ono. It took the float down and while that was happening, Austin speared a nice female mahi and my brother got the bull mahi. After about five minutes, we had all the fish under control and were ready to try again but no more fish showed up. The second day we went out we were going to try the same bouy to see if there were any other fish.

When we hopped in, a school of five mahis came right up to us and we were able to spear three in the first minute. And we had enough time to reload and get the other two. We were all really stoked about the fish and were calling it a day when we spotted two fins sticking out of the water near the front of the boat. At first, we thought it was a small marlin but when we got a closer look, it turned out to be a spearfish. We decided to try to spear it because no one has speared and landed one before. Jordan sat on the back of the boat with just his mask, fins and gun as we were chasing the fish down. He jumped off the boat, but it was just a little too far of a shot so Jordan hopped back on and we really gunned the boat to get right on top of it. He jumped back in and took the shot. It hit right in the guts so he was extra careful not to rip the meat. We gave Jordan the kill gun and he was able to get the fish up to about 25ft and took the shot, stoning it.

It weighed in at 24lbs and is a pending world record. One blue marlin, a short-nose spearfish, nine mahis and one ono...not too bad for a weekend!