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Kailua Kona



Yosemite | Paradise Has Many Names

Josiah Peffer


Yosemite, twice in one week. Why not? Better get while the gettin's good. Change is in the air throughout the mainland. The leaves are changing color and the sunlight fades earlier, which is why these final summer days are crucial for logging in some serious outdoor time so we packed up the ol' Ford and headed to Yosemite, not once but twice in one week.

For people in the Bay Area it's a quick two-and-a-half hour drive, really nothing to it. With good tunes and great company, you're there in two shakes. We made a pit stop before Yosemite in the foothills near Groveland and set up camp. There was a secret fishing hole along the Tuolumne River we had to scout in the morning.


The Tuolumne River flows for almost 150 miles, eventually spilling into the San Francisco Bay. Along the way people can enjoy white water rafting, kayaking, fly-fishing, cliff jumping and fishing. The next day, we fished until we couldn't stand up. We explored the crystal clear pools with a dive mask to see what the fish see And we fished some more. The main pickings were rainbow trout.


With a storm on the horizon, we packed up and headed into Yosemite National Park. The traffic leaving the park was a good sign, fewer barneys in the valley. Yosemite in the summer can be a destination vacation. There's no reason to leave. Visitors can hike, camp, climb, swim and fish for months and not scratch the surface of what the park offers. We explored the valley, hiked to Bridal Veil Falls' pool and walked the approach of the mighty El Capitan. We ventured into no-man's land to escape the shovel loads of tourists and found ourselves in Tuolumne Meadows.


The Sierra Nevada mountains have been explored for centuries. It's crazy to think Yosemite, as vast as it is, is a handful of sand amongst a beach of mountains. For us east of Hawaii, we've kissed our summer goodbye. Until next summer, here's some more photos to hold you over.

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Photos By : Josiah Peffer, Crystal Hernandez