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Kailua Kona



Stock Up on Quality Good Times

Josiah Peffer


You don't always need to have a checklist, agenda or tons of time to make memories. Most of the time it's those spur of the moment,"Hey, what are we doing? Let's do something!" days where memories are made. And you're off. This time, a detour from a little business trip brought together veteran UTF homies, Kevin Repan, Brad Bolton and myself. We headed onto old dirt roads and rocky trails similar to those you see on your way to Makalawena or the old road to Kua Bay. Our destination  - a natural hot springs oasis lining the Carson River. The river flows through the alpines of California and spills into the Carson Valley in Nevada. Usually, it's pretty full and uncrossable. Certain months you need to kayak or raft down the river or head in on a single track trail to get to the hot springs. The water was so low we walked across it. The next day, I woke up with the sun to fish. But I came back to camp with nothing but a couple of lost lures so took to the river in search for some crawdads, also known as crayfish. We gathered around the fire that evening and caught up on old stories of our youth told a thousands times and talked about the excitement of things to come.

You can take a group of people out of their element, but the smart ones adapt and search under every nook and cranny to reveal the best of their new surroundings. Whatever that may be, think of a tree top. It faces many elements, but it's roots always stay right where they started.

Photos by : Kevin Repan, Brad Bolton, Josiah Peffer