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Kailua Kona



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Every Rose has its Thorn. Even Hawaii.

Danny Bolton

Paradise isn't always pleasant.


You're camping along the beach on the west side of Big Island, enjoying the good company, delicious BBQ, cold drinks and the sound of the ocean. But then the inevitable  happens, your camp fire begins to dim and you need to search the dreaded kiawe (“kee-AH-vay”) forest for more wood. Anyone that has experienced this knows what Im talking about. The kiawe tree is one of the most ruthless trees on the planet. It grows aimlessly, out of the jagged lava fields, intertwining its branches with itself and its brethren to create a nearly impenetrable defense network. Each limb is covered with ruthless spines.  Of course, you go into battle totally unprepared - board shorts, worn slippers and if your lucky, a dim flashlight. Those that stay back at the fire can surely hear the curse words being murmured in the dark as the kiawe tree makes its mark upon flesh.  Once you make it back to the camp fire with your prized wood, you spend the rest of the evening pulling thorns out of your slippers, cautioning everyone to go easy on the firewood for they are going to get the next load.


Photos by: Brad Fyffe, Kevin Repan, Danny Bolton

Words by: Kevin Repan

September is Spelled With an R.

Danny Bolton

LobsteR Season. It's here and I'm hungry. Not so much for the food but for the adventure. At midnight tonight it will be open season and I can guarantee all the uncles are diving their secret honey holes. I've swam into caves loaded with so many lobsters you don't know what to do with yourself. You pick out the biggest one first and stick him under your arm. Grab another to stick under the other arm and if you have time, grab one more. If you've never dove for lobster, don't hesitate to go just because you don't have the 'right' dive gear. My first time was with a Maglite in a Ziploc. Kokua and please only take what you need. For the legals, read the State Regulations.


Slipper lobster.

Soggy Paradise

Danny Bolton

UTF O.G.s Peffer and Kev took a trip away from the dry lava and pili grass fields of Kona and tapped into the moister side of Hawaii for the day. Far from the swaying palm trees and white sand beaches, they found paradise in another form. Dealing with slippery rocks, sketchy trails, and cold water, they made their way to the top of the world's 612th highest waterfall at 422 ft. They soaked it all in until they needed to get their core temperature back up. After a long day of being soaking wet, they stoked a fire on the beach and dried out. Another day in paradise also know as Hawaii.

Photos By : Kevin Repan